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Ceramic coating specialist


Ceramic Coatings are a great way to not only add strong protection to your vehicle, but also give it great gloss! Ceramic Coatings are the best route for those who want that superior level of protection without having the trade-off of not having a high level of gloss! 


We offer a variety of Ceramic Coatings from System X in the Tuscaloosa area. 

Paint correction specialist


Your vehicle’s paint takes a beating on a regular basis and only compounding or polishing can undo it. 


Paint correction is the process of removing defects such as: swirls, scratches, etching, oxidation, and marring by leveling out the vehicles clear coat. This leaves the paint incredibly glossy and restores its depth and clarity.

Auto detail


We offer a wide variety of detailing services including:

Exterior Detail

Interior Detail

Engine Bay Detail

Headlight Restoration

Shampoo Service

And More

We currently work out of our garage in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. We use professional grade products and deliver professional grade results to you every time! 


ALPHA Auto Detailing actually began in the Middle East in 2020, while I was on deployment for 9 months. 

I had always loved washing cars and doing light detailing on interiors, but didn’t have the resources to start my own business and go into a professional level with it. What really pushed me to start was after I got my own vehicle detailed and when I got it back, I was so underwhelmed and disappointed with the results. After spending 9 months deployed, I came home and invested into creating my own detailing company. 

Details are an investment into your car and when you invest the money to get a full detail, you want great results and that’s what I wanted to give people. I decided that I would come home and start my own business with the mindset that I would detail every car that came to me like it was my own vehicle. 

I decided that I didn’t want to be a detailer whose goal was doing as many cars a day as possible, but instead taking only 1-2 cars a day and really pour a lot of attention and care into them. I want every car to leave looking as new as I can possibly make it look and the owners to know they got the highest quality work around. 

My biggest goal is for when people leave my garage in their car, they can say the money they invested was worth it and the results were better than they expected. 


Wyatt Stout

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Brandon s.

Alpha Detailing does not lie! They were able to efficiently clean and renew my car! Before I took my car to Alpha, I would waste all my time at the car wash doing it myself--but now I have only one place I take my vehicle!

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