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Ceramic Coated Hyundai Santa Fe

What do ceramic coatings cost and how do you know if it is worth the price?

Below is a quick breakdown of average ceramic coating prices based on vehicle size and coating choices (5 year ceramic coating protection)

Coupe/Sedan- $1,100

Mid-Size Vehicle- $1,200

Full-Size Vehicle- $1,300

As stated above, this is a breakdown of the mid-level coating and does not include pricing for all. All coatings and prices will be listed below on this page.

Ceramic coating prices?

Why Are Ceramic Coatings So Expensive?

To best explain ceramic coating prices, we need to explain what is required to make sure the ceramic coating is applied properly.

Step 1: Ceramic Coating Preparation

To begin the preparation of a vehicle to receive a ceramic coating, we have to ensure the paint is completely clean and stripped bare of any type of contamination. There are 5 stages to this step and each one is very important:

The “Pre-Wash Wash” is where we remove all the loose dirt and debris off of the vehicle before we make any physical contact with it


The Contact Wash is just as it sounds and is where we get the wash mitt and brushes out to clean every inch of the vehicle. We use soaps specifically designed to help begin stripping any previous layer of wax, glaze, or sealant off the paint’s surface.


The Iron Decontamination Phase is a phase not many people have ever heard of. We use chemicals that remove tiny contaminants off of the paint that do not come off during a wash. 


The Clay Bar Treatment is another phase to remove embedded contaminants off of the paint surface. If you have ever washed your car and rubbed your hand across the paint, chances are it is not smooth and rather feels a little bumpy and has a raspy sound to it. The clay bar allows us to remove any remaining contaminants and get the paint feeling smooth and slick.

The Final Wipe Down & Solvent Removal stage is where we take a chemical that removes any last minute contaminant, such as oils from our hands or residue from previous steps. 

Step 2: Paint Correction

Now that the vehicle has been cleaned off any dirt, debris, and contaminant, it is time to level out the clear coat and remove scratches, swirls, or etching on the paint. This is done because the ceramic coating offers a long term protection, so any defect or imperfection in the paint that is present when the coating is applied will be there to stay after. In Tuscaloosa, Alabama… we get a variety of weather, pollen, bugs, and many other things that contaminate and damage your vehicle’s paint. Because of that, it is necessary to go through the paint correction stage and remove these imperfections and create a smooth surface for the ceramic coating to bond to. There are 2 major types of paint correction: Paint Enhancement & Paint Correction

What is Paint Enhancement?

Paint enhancement is the less extreme version of paint correction. This is a one step light cutting polish that will remove light scratches and swirls. This is the route mostly used for newer vehicles or vehicles with near perfect paint. A paint enhancement will not remove everything, but is the most common type of correction we do. 


What is Paint Correction?

Paint correction is the more aggressive version of paint enhancement. This is a multi-step process that removes heavier scratches, swirls, etching, and oxidation. We do this step when we are dealing with either really damaged paint or if the customer has a detailed eye and wants their vehicle’s paint to be as flawless as possible. This step is not only for visual appeal, but to also create a super smooth surface for the ceramic coating to bond to the paint. 

Do I Have To Get A Paint Correction To Get A Ceramic Coating?

This can be a case by case decision, depending on the paint’s condition. Some customers who know what the perks are of getting a paint correction, but still choose to not get it to have a lower end price. While this is an option available to some, it is dependent on your paint’s condition on if you will need to have to or not to receive a ceramic coating. Even the most surface level paint enhancement will help to extend the life of a ceramic coating and create a beautiful surface that will maximize your investment.

Step 3: Ceramic Coating Application

After all the preparation and the paint correction, we are finally ready to apply the ceramic coating. A majority of the time to get a ceramic coating applied is in the preparation work to get to this point. Ceramic coatings take between 1-3 hours to apply to the vehicle based on the size of the vehicle, but the preparation can take 1-3 days to completely finish. We take the time to make sure it is done correctly and will last for as long as possible.

Hopefully this glance at the process sheds light on the process, why it takes so long, and why it costs what it costs.

System X Ceramic Protection is one of the top leading brands in the world for ceramic coatings and have a variety of options of ceramic coatings for your entire vehicle! No matter which coating you choose, all will deliver a lot of the same things:

Extreme Gloss- nano technology boosts the gloss to insane levels

Hydrophobicity- water will bead off the paint like you’ve never seen before

UV Protection- provides critical protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays

Scratch Resistance- the coating is harder than your vehicle’s clear coat, meaning it will resist scratches and door dings

Self-cleaning Properties- dirt, dust, and other road fallout are naturally repelled, making it far easier to wash the vehicle

Durability- Varies in the coated selected

the coatings and their prices

*All coatings require a $250 deposit to schedule an appointment*

6 year ceramic coating


Pro is our mid-line ceramic coating and offers 6 years of protection. This ceramic coating is for those who want longer lasting protection. If you plan to keep your vehicle for a few years and then upgrade, this might be the coating for you! 

Pricing for Pro Coating

Coupe/Sedan- $1,100

Mid-Size Vehicle- $1,200

Full-Size Vehicle- $1,300

This includes all necessary preparation listed above and a Paint Enhancement

Upgrade to Paint Correction for $200

Add Glass Coating for $100

Add Wheel Coating for $100

Lifetime ceramic coating


Pricing for MAX Coating

Coupe/Sedan- $1,300

Mid-Size Vehicle- $1,400

Full-Size Vehicle- $1,500

This includes all necessary preparation listed above and a Paint Enhancement

Upgrade to Paint Correction for $200

Add Glass Coating for $100

Add Wheel Coating for $100

MAX is our top of the line ceramic coating and is considered a lifetime coating. This ceramic coating is for those who want the best protection for their vehicle. This is great for any vehicle from a daily driver that needs daily protection, to a weekend vehicle that you want to stay in the best condition possible! This coating also comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY! After we install the coating, we will register it for your warranty, so when you pick up your vehicle, everything is ready to go!

Glass ceramic coating


Pricing for Glass Coating

All Size Vehicles- $100

Glass is our window specific ceramic coating that brings incredible shine, clarity, and protection to all windows on your vehicle! 

Interior ceramic coating


Pricing for Interior Coating

Coupe/Sedan- $150

Mid-Size Vehicle- $200

Full-Size Vehicle- $250

Our Interior Ceramic Coating is for everyone who wants to protect their interior! This coating will protect all carpet, cloth, leather, and plastic components on the interior!

Trim ceramic coating


Pricing for Revive Coating

Coupe/Sedan- $100

Mid-Size Vehicle- $125

Full-Size Vehicle- $150

Our Revive Ceramic Coating is used on faded trim to revive the look while also coating it. 

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