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What is Included?

-In and Out Detail

-Leather Treatment every other detail

-Add Shampoo Package when you need it for $75

 How do I get on a Maintenance Plan?

To get on a maintenance plan, you must get a In and Out Detail with the Shampoo Package to get your vehicle restored back to a like new condition. If your vehicle is new (the current model year), you will not have to add the Shampoo Package to qualify for a maintenance plan. After receiving this detail, you then have up to 8 weeks to bring it back for a maintenance detail. 

How Much do I save with a Maintenance Plan?


The Maintenace Plan comes with a 25% off our In and Out, Interior, and Exterior Details


*Excessive mud or pet hair incurs a $50 fee*


What Are The Benefits?

-Protect paint from harmful UV rays that can cause extreme oxidation and the clear coat to peel from the paint, which can only be fixed by re-painting the vehicle

-Protect interior and exterior plastics and trim from harmful UV rays that cause color fading

-Keep your vehicle looking like new!

Why Choose a maintenance plan?

A maintenance plan is the perfect way to keep your vehicle looking great and protect it from unnecessary damage. Having your vehicle regularly detailed will not only keep your vehicle looking new, but also prevents a lot of damage caused by harmful UV rays, untreated water spots, bugs, or stains, and drying leather. These things left untreated can cause permanent damage and or will become an expensive fix. 


Maintenance Detail

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Brandon s.

Alpha Detailing does not lie! They were able to efficiently clean and renew my car! Before I took my car to Alpha, I would waste all my time at the car wash doing it myself--but now I have only one place I take my vehicle!

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