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Paint correction


What is it?


Paint correction is the process of removing defects such as: swirls, scratches, etching, oxidation and marring--by leveling out the vehicles clear coat. This leaves the paint incredibly glossy and restores its depth and clarity.

Your vehicles paint takes a beating on a regular basis and only compounding/polishing can undo it.

Some things that can cause this damage are:

  • Improper wash techniques

  • Etching from bird droppings/chemicals

  • Road tar/grime or industrial fallout

  • Brushing up against the vehicle with fingers, keys, clothing

  • Improper paint polishing techniques

How does it work?

In order to remove the defects in the paint, we must carefully level out the clear coat, but that's not where it starts. Before any compounding or polishing can be done, the paint must be carefully prepared by removing any surface-bonded contaminants (such as tar, industrial fallout, or tree sap) and taping off any sensitive areas like trim and plastics.

Because each vehicle's paint is different and receptive to different products and technique, we must adapt in order to utilize the optimal combination and produce the highest results.

The approach is meticulous, the results are extraordinary.


A single stage polish to boost gloss, clarity and shine. It’s perfect for vehicles with light imperfections. This is the most common paint preparation used in our ceramic coating process.


Coupe/Sedan $400

Mid-Size Vehicle $450

Full-Size Vehicle $500


A multi-step compound and polish to restore depth, clarity, and gloss, removing the majority of paint defects. It’s perfect for anyone who has a keen eye for detail and wants their vehicle looking as flawless as possible.


Coupe/Sedan $600

Mid-Size Vehicle $650

Full-Size Vehicle $700

*Both Services Come With A Exterior Detail!*

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