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2 Ways To Improve Your Wash

As you probably can tell by our website, we love cleaning and washing cars! We also understand that a lot of people love to do this as well on their own. We want to help that process by telling you two things that can really help your wash process and both are relatively cheap to do!

For those who like to do it themselves, here are the tips that can help to maximize your car washing abilites:

  1. First, you should use real car shampoo! We have all had the days where we used Dawn dish soap for any and every thing. There are a lot of great car shampoos to choose from and they are designed specifically for your car‘s exterior. The summers in Tuscaloosa can be hot and if you have any soap dry to your surface, you want it to be car shampoo!

2. Secondly, in between panels you should rinse your mitt off! When you are washing a dirty car, collecting that dirt in your mitt, and dunking it back into your buckets, you’re not rinsing enough dirt off your mitt to safely wash without scratching. You can do this by simply adding a second bucket and use solely as a rinse bucket. After washing a panel, dunk the mitt in the rinse bucket, then go to your soap bucket, and then back to the car.

These two things alone will change your car washing life without a detailer! As weird as it sounds for a detailer to say, but we care about your paint surface just as much as you! The truth is, to truly protect your car paint here in Tuscaloosa for the long term, there is nothing like a ceramic coating, but we‘ll get into that later. Feel free to contact us with any questions!

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